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Where Beauty Meets Brains

Here at LOL Labs, we believe in the perpetuating of well rounded, sound, and functional dogs, without losing sight of the true Labrador type. Meaning we follow AKC standard and what is written, we do try and breed to The current winning style of dog. It is our duty as responsible breeders to uphold the true standard and not forfeit the integrity of the breed by participating in breeding faulty colors, or characteristics purely for profit It is important that folks do their research and speak with people who responsibly produce these wonderful dogs in order to learn the truth behind the façade of Fad colors. 

If you seek a new companion please visit our puppies page to learn more about our process and to download a puppy application. If you are interested in Stud services please visit our males page to learn what boys are available and what requirements there are.

If I can be of further assistance, or if you have any questions please feel free to contact me via emai

Helpful Links

Below is the UKC standard for Labs, and it outlines, not only the correct structure for a functional dog, but also correct coat type, and colors that make up the Labrador.

Not local to this area? Try looking into countrysidedogs.net for your training needs or if you are looking for a Dalmatian companion!

 Located in Fayetteville, NC my daughter Katelyn, can be sure to offer any help you may need!

LOL Puppies

Here are some past puppies young and old!

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